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Behaviour management

At Ashwell State School, behaviour is managed using our school's Responsible Behaviour Plan (PDF, 11MB). We teach and discuss our school rules under the headings of four school values; Organisation, Wise Choices, Lifelong Learning and Safety. These are our OWLS.

Each week we have a rule of the week, which is taught in classes and discussed on school assembly by our school leaders. This allows students to fully understand each expectation.

A major part of our behaviour management program is our "gotchas". Students receive these "gotchas" when staff members "catch them" doing one of the OWLS expectations. They then put their "gotchas" into the box and they are drawn like raffle tickets on our weekly assembly. All "gotchas" then go into our big OWLS barrel and a major prize winner is drawn each term.

Our school values and the rules that sit underneath these are listed below.

​Organisation ​Wise Choices
  • ​A place for everything
  • Do I have what I need to succeed?
  • Right place right time
  • A tidy tray should stay that way
  • Equipment ready
  • Remain seated until asked to move
  • ​Good manners matter
  • An encouraging word is always heard
  • Follow instructions
  • Take pride in your appearance and wearing of school uniform
  • Take care of your property
  • Whole body listening
  • Hands up to speak
  • One person to speak at a time
  • Use the high five
  • Show respect


​Lifelong Learners ​Safety
  • ​Have a go
  • Aim high
  • Complete work in set time
  • Stay on task
  • Be a good sport
  • ​Hands and feet to yourself
  • Hats to play
  • Personal items stay at home
  • Use equipment correctly
  • We walk
  • Four on the floor
  • Stay and play in your area today
  • Report to staff when you need to leave
  • Walk bike to designated area