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At Ashwell State School we believe that literacy skills are fundamental to learning across all curriculum areas. As such we have invested our energies into ensuring students have access to reading programs supported by trained staff. These include Rainbow Reading and Reading Links.

The Reading Links approach has been shown to significantly accelerate early reading skills. It is also successful with students with special needs such as dyslexia or learning difficulties.

All students can master the challenge of learning to read and write.

The Reading Links Program aims to develop:

  • Reading (decoding) and spelling (encoding) skills
  • Skills in blending letter-sound correspondences together to work out unfamiliar words
  • Sight-word vocabulary
  • Foundations for comprehension
  • High level of reading proficiency and accuracy

The Reading Links Program is suitable for all age groups and backgrounds.

The Rainbow Reading Program is designed to present students with a variety of topics, authors, styles and illustrations to make reading interesting while skills are improved.

  • Consolidates their reading skills.
  • Audio facilitated reading program consisting of a series of books, at 7 levels, with accompanying audio support and activities.
  • Helps improve comprehension and expression.